Poem 5 – The Overlooked…

Optional; never crucial to anyone’s part but mine
Veiled somehow from sighted eyes; a shadow, a flower of the wall,
Easily annulled without warning; worthy naught but a shrug,
Reality hits hard; sits heavy hearted in fading veins,
Last thought, last agenda; never considered first in line,
Ordinary; not special or wanted, am I seen?
Only effort is my own for them; un-returned, thoughtless,
Knocked down flat; left behind with wounds,
Ever thinking will I learn; repetitions folly my own,
Don’t overlook me, please…
… it hurts unaccountably.


Poem 4 – Age Creeps…

Agitation at a fading dawn, dreams seemingly delayed; forever,
Gone is time in wisdom’s wake; life’s creases dominant, displayed,
Eventually youth surrenders, generations replace; full, another moon,
… Experiences now memories.