Poem 5 – The Overlooked…

Optional; never crucial to anyone’s part but mine
Veiled somehow from sighted eyes; a shadow, a flower of the wall,
Easily annulled without warning; worthy naught but a shrug,
Reality hits hard; sits heavy hearted in fading veins,
Last thought, last agenda; never considered first in line,
Ordinary; not special or wanted, am I seen?
Only effort is my own for them; un-returned, thoughtless,
Knocked down flat; left behind with wounds,
Ever thinking will I learn; repetitions folly my own,
Don’t overlook me, please…
… it hurts unaccountably.



This blog is an outlet for my poetry challenge… thirty poems written between 1st July 2012 and 30th June 2013.

All poems will be in the same format with a specific worded theme and a tagline.

Let’s see how I get on… 🙂 xx