Poem 6 – Falling Deeper Still

Drowning in eyes, twinkling knowing; beautiful,
Exhaling as a thought forgotten; breath held, gasped,
Edge of sanity, leaped, fallen; falling fast, hard,
Poised, moments stolen; treasured seconds grasped,
Each touch of skin electric; never felt before nor since,
Reality brushed aside, away; heart’s dream swelling,
… Love holds still.


Poem 4 – Age Creeps…

Agitation at a fading dawn, dreams seemingly delayed; forever,
Gone is time in wisdom’s wake; life’s creases dominant, displayed,
Eventually youth surrenders, generations replace; full, another moon,
… Experiences now memories.

Poem 3 – To have hope…

Hanging, grasping at that budding vestige of a dream coveted true,
Open mind and heart, warmth budding, expectation escalating,
Pessimism drowned in an overflow, promise rising cloaking doubt,   
Evanescent, a mere moment yet felt, sensed, emoted,
             … springing forth astoundingly.

Poem 2: An Almost Kiss…

Pounding hearts and none too gentle breaths are gasped,
Amid the heightened meld of sensation and of soaring heat,
Sweetest peak; tantalising, tentative, trembled tips of fingers touch,
Searing, piercing eyes catch and hold, don’t break, can’t break,
Intertwined in all but the physicality of a kiss, a whisper,
Outward a shimmer, a spark crackles forth; inner fires rush and rise,
Now is that moment, momentous, earth-shattering, lust’s consequence,
…mouth encounters mouth.

Poem 1: Time Will Tell…

Take a pause, a breath, a thought and remember who, what, where and from when,
Imagine the before, disregard the now and cower at the future as it hurtles,
Make a plan, consciously, set a goal, make your target but take heed,
Elusive is the pattern of a projective, suggestive, passing from day to night
… hold on tight.